Monday, 6 September 2010

Book Review

Chocolate Wishes

Chocolate Wishes by: Trisha Ashley

Avon Harper Collins. March 2010

ISBN No: 9781847561145

I personally think that Trisha Ashley is a wonderful writer. This particular story, 'Chocolate Wishes’, revolves around the main character, whose name is Chloe Lyon. Chloe lives with her younger half brother Jake and her grandfather 'Grumps'. Her grandfather Grump’s is somewhat eccentric in manner, to say the least, and heads up a coven that practices pagan rites!

Chloe’s life up until now has not been easy, and events within it have been fairly complicated in places. In her spare time Chloe makes chocolate wishes in her kitchen (hollow chocolate shapes containing 'wishes', which are small pieces of paper with encouraging thoughts, suggestions or predictions printed on them).

At the start of this story the future is looking bright for Chloe, following a house move to the picture perfect Lancashire village of Sticklepond, until a new vicar arrives in the village!

This story is not just for the ladies, but is a very readable book for the male species as well! Trisha Ashley’s writing is easy to follow and flows well. Trisha paints the descriptions of her characters so well, that you can clearly imagine them within your mind long after you have finished reading this book! This story is also quite humorous and you can feel the smile spreading across your face at certain points throughout this tale.

As a bloke, I actually really enjoyed reading this particular story about Chloe, her family, friends and the unfolding events that impacted on the regular routine that Chloe once seemed to have! Obtain a copy of this book if you are looking for some light and entertaining reading! I am now looking forward to reading Trisha’s next book, which is scheduled to arrive in the book shops within the next few weeks.


  1. Sounds very cute! At first I thought it was a children's book, but I read an earlier post and I see that Trisha writes romantic comedies!

  2. Hi Willow! Yes, Trisha is a very good writer of romantic comedies. I've now added romantic comedy to the post label just in case anyone else was wondering what genre this book belonged to! Thanks for visiting this blog. I hope you liked it!

  3. I did enjoy it--I guess I have children's books on the brain because that's what I review, so I got confused!

  4. This sounds like a good book. Must look out for it.
    Thanks for following my blog. I am putting up an award for you on my blog in the next day or so..:)

  5. Thanks for all your great comments and for putting me up for an award on your blog L'Aussie! :-)
    Trisha Ashley will be here on this blog for an interview, within the next day or two, and there will be a book giveaway as well, so watch this blog! I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!

  6. Great interview with Trisha! I've read Chocolate Wishes and all her other books, and am really looking forward to Twelve Days of Christmas. If you're just starting to read her novels, you're in for lots of big treats!

  7. Hi Margaret! Thanks for your kind comment about the interview :-) I really did enjoy working on this interview with Trisha. The Twelve Days of Christmas will be out on 28th October, so I'm told! I'm looking forward to reading this one too!

  8. What was it Katie Fforde said...that Trisha Ashley is incapable of writing a bad book? That pretty much says it all.
    Trisha's books pull you in whether it be romantic comedy or Regency. I fell in love with her writing when I read Every Woman for Herself, was amazed by her versatility when I was swept away by Lord Rayven's Revenge. She, quite simply, entrances!
    If you haven't read her yet I almost envy you: you're in for such a treat!


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