Monday, 27 September 2010

Book Review

'A Time to Tell'

'A Time to Tell' by: Maria Savva
Pen Press Publishers. 13 December 2006
ISBN No: 1 905621 27 2

'A Time to Tell' is a very well written fictional tale that recounts the story of a girl called Cara through her life span from teenager, wife, widow and eventually to grandmother.

Without disclosing any spoilers, this is a story of love, family relationships and the dark side of domestic violence. This is an eventful narrative which is sad and disturbing at times. In the author's own remarkable writing style, this story is carefully written in respect to some what disturbing issues, that can sometimes occur within some relationships.

Domestic violence is not often talked about openly within our society. Maria Savva through her writing, exposes this difficult subject area in both a realistic and sensitive manner. Certain aspects from within this tale will remain in the readers mind long, after the book has been finished. This is a book that is well worth reading if you get the chance.


  1. This is not an author I know anything about, but this definitely sounds like my kind of book.

    The cover is very haunting, in keeping with the issues you describe it portraying.

    I will definitely be stopping by Wednesday, if I can, to catch your interview


  2. I find this subject matter very difficult to read. It's not that I think these things should remain taboo, quite the opposite in fact, but I guess I stick my head in the sand a bit.
    I will try to catch the interview on Wednesday and will look out for the reviews, but I'm not convinced the book is my cup of tea.


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