Sunday, 17 October 2010

'Movers and Shakers' - Paranormal Poetry

'Shadows of Myth and Legend'
by E.J. Stevens

Sacred Oaks Press. March 2010
ISBN No: 978 0 9842475 1 6

I love poetry and so when I opened up this particular book for the first time and started reading, I quickly became captured by the imagery and depth that is so beautifully revealed within this amazing collection of paranormal poems written by E.J. Stevens.

This slim book is divided into four parts under the headings of Earth & Below; Air & Spirit; Fire & War and Water and Ice. The four headings acts as the structure within this book, around which 54 paranormal poems written by E.J. Stevens are presented.

Each poem found within this book recounts a vivid story which at times can be dark, haunting, disturbing and yet beautiful in its own individual way.

For lovers of paranormal writing and those who have not read anything from the paranormal genre before, this collection of poems is really worth obtaining and taking time to read.

It can be difficult to write a review on a collection of poems. In order to help me with this, E.J.Stevens has kindly given me permission to reproduce a poem from her collection here. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about this particular poem. Enjoy!

Elven Bride

Clans and families gather

In this valley glade with pride

And await the appearance

Of the lovely Elven Bride

Elegance of the high born

Her beauty beyond reproach

Bare foot lightly touching moss

Exiting the bridal coach

Slender legs bring her forward

As all gathered weep and bow

Dancing gracefully forward

Ready for her wedding vow

Clad in a fluttering gown

Of red monarch butterflies

Setting off the sparkle of

Her shining emerald eyes

Alabaster skin gleaming

Her face luminous and pale

Beneath the shimmering threads

Of her spider woven veil

Wet dewdrop diamonds glisten

In her fiery orange hair

Morning sun climbs in the sky

To shine on our maiden fair.
Copyright: E.J.Stevens. 2010


  1. I really don't read enough poetry ...

  2. oo, I love it. Added to my to-read list.

  3. I haven't read much poetry over the years, but this poem makes me want to read more for sure; I'm with bookreviewfamily-this goes on my "to read" list for sure.

  4. Paranormal poetry. Wow, I've always loved Edgar Allan Poe. EJ Stevens is new to me, but I certainly loved this poem. Thanks for sharing, Calum.


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