Monday, 18 October 2010

New Visiting Author and Paranormal Book Giveaway!

Paranormal author E.J. Stevens will be visiting this site on Saturday 23th October 2010.

There will also be an International Book Giveaway connected to E.J.'s interview for 'Google Followers' of this blog, so make sure you sign up as a follower, and visit this site on Saturday!

Happy reading!


  1. Hi Calum,

    I am looking forward to the interview.

    I am definitely not a poetry connoisseur, but I do like to dip into a poetry book from time to time, depending on my mood.

    Genre isn't so important to me in poetry, it's more how it makes me feel when I am reading it.


  2. Hey this sounds great. Lately I've been looking at more poetry. To me it is definitely the hardest writing genre..:)


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