Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Book Review - 'The House'

'The House'
by Anjuelle Floyd

NOJ Publications. Berkeley, California: Proof Copy 2009
ISBN No: 978 0 9787967 2 3

Anna Manning had been fighting with her husband Edward over the past year, for a divorce and the right to sell their marital home. As a faithful and loving wife of about three decades, and mother to four now grown up children with Edward, Anna had to endure the pain and suffering that resulted from her husband's many absences when he was travelled away from home on business, and the many extra marital affairs that he had, which were not always hidden from Anna. Just as Anna was about as she thought, to reach the end of her long struggle, Edward suddenly decides to let her have what she wants. Surprised with this sudden outcome,  Anna then discovers that Edward is dying and only has a short time to live.

'The House' is a beautifully written narrative that pulls the reader fully into the complex and emotional turmoil that Anna and her family have to face with an impending divorce and then, the unexpected news that Edward Manning actually only has a short time left to live. Within this book you will find that many emotions are wonderfully woven into this story such as love,anger, passion, sadness, happiness, grief and intimacy. The author demonstrates a wonderful writing skill within this book, by being able to provide and involve the reader in a clear imaginative picture of the many complex family dynamics, twists and personal human emotions faced by the many and sometimes complex characters that can be found within this story.

This is a novel that many people will be able to personally relate to in many different ways. There is a small section of adult content within this book, but it does have its place within the tale that is being told. This is an interesting and beautifully written story that should hold a reader's attention right until the end. 

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  1. Sometimes I really enjoy character driven fiction like this. When I saw the cover I thought it would not really be my thing but it does sound interesting.


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