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News Scoop!! - Renowned Book Critic Abducted from Hospital.

This was the front page of the Post three weeks ago. As of this morning, Mr. Maronski has not been located, and the police are still investigating. The story was first brought to the blogging world by Indie author Joel Blaine Kirckpatrick, who posted an article and interview on his blog about this news story. Joel's post and interview can be found under the post title, 'Megaphone for a Small Mind' which he published on 22nd November. You can read this 'groundbreaking' news story post and interview, by following the link which you wil find at the end of this 'special' news post.

The police investigation so far has also included this very interview, written for this blog, the week of the attack on the critic. Mr. Maronski’s disappearance has shaken many who were known to revile him, even those who never made their dislike public. There have been dozens, this blogger included, who had much to say about him, and about his reviews. That should in no way imply that we wish anything other than his safe return.

Russell Flemming interview; taken during a chance meeting the week of Nestor Maronski's disappearance. (Agreed planned blog press release date: 25th November 2010) This interview has been cleared by the Police department and Interpol for publication.

TSR: Is it true Mr Russell Flemming that you helped Mr Nestor Maronski get a job at 'The Post'?

RF: The son of a b*%$&! Yes, I got him that job, and I will regret that for the rest of my life. Do you know he ruined my life? I lost my house, my wife, my livelihood because of that man.

TSR: Why did you help him get the job at The Post?

RF: Why do you have to bring this up? You bloody journalists, you know how to wind people up! I have to live with that mistake every day of my life... I never get any peace.

TSR: Was Mr Maronski your friend?

RF: Friend? Huh! The squirmy toad. He is no one's friend. If you look up the definition for 'enemy' in the dictionary you'll probably find Nestor Maronski's name right there beside it. No, he wasn't my friend. I met Maronski at one of his fancy dinner parties at his grand mansion. I gatecrashed the party actually. I found out about it when I tried phoning my former agent... yes, I had an agent once... and a potential publisher! That was before Maronski came along and took it all away! Anyway, I went to the party after my agent told me she was going. I have a talent for getting into buildings and out again without being seen. I fooled Maronski; he thought I was a guest. He was quite interested in me when he heard I worked for The Post, and he kept plying me with cherry brandy, asking me over and over how someone would go about getting a job at The Post. He told me he was a book reviewer. He said he had a lot of money and could do great things for the reputation of the newspaper. By the end of the night, I was so drunk, I could hardly stand and I somehow promised him I would get him a job. He even congratulated me when I told him that I'd been making a living from my writing. He is so underhanded. The next day I mentioned to my boss that Nestor Maronski wanted a job as a reviewer, he said he knew Nestor. I hated my boss and under the influence of cherry brandy I had quite liked Nestor, so I was hoping he would get a job at The Post and that I could somehow persuade him to use his influence to get my boss fired. It turned out that Nestor and my nasty boss were old friends; it makes sense now that I know Nestor better. I later found out through an acquaintance that he and Nestor had been lovers at one time. It makes my blood boil just thinking that I was the one who got him that job, but how was I to know he was the personification of evil and spite rolled into one?

TSR: And when Mr Maronski wrote a bad review in relation to your new novel, how did you really feel about this, as you had helped him get is job at 'The Post'?

RF: How do you think I felt? I was angry... very angry. I wanted to kill him. He knew that by writing that review I would have no chance of getting a publishing deal. I had been doing well with my writing. I only had to work part time at The Post. But after his review, my sales plummeted and none of the publishing companies wanted to know me.

I had an argument with Nestor a few weeks before, because he'd written a bad review of a friend's book. Nestor said: "He's an indie writer, do you really think I would write a good review for him? Are you losing your mind?"

I couldn't believe he said that because at the party, when we'd first met, I'd told him I was an indie writer and he'd been complimentary... at least I think he was... I was under the influence of brandy, so sometimes I think I may have imagined that bit.

Anyway, he got me fired. He made up something about me stealing some paper from the office to print my manuscripts on. My new novel was sent to The Post for review. The protagonist in that book is an evil man who hates indie authors, Nestor thought it was based on him. Where he got that idea from I don't know. Anyway, he saw fit to write a scathing review, saying that he could write a better book with his right hand tied behind his back and blindfolded, he said it needed an overhaul, I needed to "cut the fat".

TSR: Shrieker tell me the truth on this one...

RF: How did you know my nickname? Are you an undercover cop or something? I didn't have anything to do with Maronski's disappearance, OK!

TSR: Okay, calm down. I can't remember where I heard your nickname, but I wasn't insinuating anything. I just want to know what was Mr Maronski's opinion of Indie authors?

RF: Nestor loathes indie authors, if it was up to him we'd all be burnt at the stake. Any opportunity he got he would blast us, and rip our books to shreds with his reviews. I'm glad he's gone.

TSR: When you say "gone", what do you mean exactly?

RF: Er... well... he's disappeared hasn't he? If you're trying to make out that I had anything to do with it...

TSR: No, I'm not. We just need to speak to people who knew him to get an idea as to where he might have gone. Can you tell me your whereabouts the day Mr Maronski was found hanging by his maid?

RF: I was writing my latest novel, it's a crime story about an evil reviewer who is brutally murdered by a gang of indie writers.

TSR: Again where were you the day Mr Maronski was kidnapped from the hospital?

RF: I was still writing my book. Do you have any idea how long it takes to write a book?

TSR: What is your favourite book and what are you reading next?

RF: My favourite book is 'Enemies and Playmates' by Darcia Helle. Do you know, the main character, Alex, reminds me of Nestor in many ways. I'm reading 'Shed' by Jason C McIntyre next.

TSR: When you were apprehended at the airport this morning why were you planning on flying to Rio?

RF: What are you trying to say? I don't like your line of questioning. I have to repeat again, I had nothing to do with Nestor's disappearance. I'm just glad he's gone and I hope he never comes back. As I already told the police, I was going to Rio on holiday. Writing a book takes a lot out of a person, you know.

Mr Russell Flemming abruptly concluded our interview at this point and was last seen running in the direction of Oxford Street Train Station in London. I was not permitted by the police to discuss any of these matters until now and was instructed by them to release this article today, however, a few of my friends and colleagues at BestsellerBound assure me, that they are watching and monitoring this particularly harrowing case very closely! If I obtain any more updates on this story, I'll post again on this blog.

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  1. Poor Russell! Now I'm very thankful Maronski never read me. I'd be a suspect too. (Wonder if I AM anyway?)

  2. Joel, I think you should be ok. You only interviewed Maronski, didn't you???

  3. Poor Russell. The guilt he must live with, knowing he is at least partially responsible for Nestor Maronski's fame. Or should I say infamy?

    I'm quite honored to hear that Russell considers one of my books his favorite! I had no idea he'd even read Enemies and Playmates. Now I can't help but wonder if Nestor did, as well. I shudder to think...

    Maybe Nestor has drowned himself in a vat of cherry brandy. We can only hope.

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