Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Nestor Maronski Case

News Update!!
 Recently I was able to post a news scoop interview on this web site, with one of the main suspects being sought in the investigation of the disappearance of the book critic Nestor Maronski. I highlighted in my post that this case was being followed closely by some of my colleagues, and if there were any further developments in relation to this high profile case I would let you know.

I am putting up this post for those who have an interest and are following this particular investigation, as I have just been informed a short while ago that another interview in relation to this particular intriguing case has been posted on the web. 

If you click on the following link it will take you directly to a new interview with Dar Templeton, one of the many Indie authors whose careers appear to have been destroyed by Nestor Maronski:
I have also been told by a very good 'underworld' contact, that Nestor Maronski has set up a facebook page and that people are friending him there!!! Has this been done by Maronski himself or by somebody else posing as him?  I have not had a chance to visit the actual facebook page to check this out myself, but I have been told that the page can be accessed by searching for Nestor Maronski on the facebook search bar!

For previous updates in relation to the Maronski investigation, please follow the links below:


Stay tuned to this web site for updates on Nestor Maronski’s whereabouts, as well as the release of an upcoming book detailing the events leading up to his disappearance, written by Jason McIntyre and Maria Savva. The latest word on the street at the moment is, that Nestor Maronski might be trying to organise a contract !!  :-O


  1. Thanks for posting this, Calum :)

    Yes, not only has Nestor set up a Facebook page but he is also on twitter @NestorMaronski if anyone wants to follow him.

  2. Hi Maria, and you are now telling me Nestor is on Twitter as well!! this case is getting more complex as the days go by. And there was me thinking Nestor was no longer! We will have to do a bit more investigating about these strange developments!

  3. whoa! this nestor character is lighting up the social network sites eh? for someone who's disappeared, he's certainly wanting to be found! thanks Calum and here's wishing you a most blessed New Year!

  4. I agree! Nestor seems to be getting around quite a few of the social network sites for someone who is supposed to have disappeared. This case seems to get more complex as time goes on! ;-)
    Here's wishing everyone a very Happy New Year for 2011!


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