Saturday, 4 December 2010

Trisha Ashley - 'Twelve Days of Christmas'

Book Review

Published by Avon: 2010
ISBN No: 13:978-1-84756-115-2

This book not only has a great seasonally designed  cover, it also contains a great story inside! Trisha Ashley has done it again by producing another five star read. I have recently become a fan of Trisha Ashely's writing and I think Katie Fforde has got it right when she states that Trisha Ashley is, 'one of the best writers around'.

'Twelve Days of Christmas' is a romantic comedy, full of the fun for the festive season and some delicious tales about cooking as well! The book tells the story of the young widow Holly Brown who is asked to look after a remote house in the Lancashire moors. Without providing any spoilers, lets just say the fun and romance starts to begin here! There is always some down to earth humour in Trisha Ashley's writing and her descriptions of her characters always leave a lasting impression in my mind. The characters of Holly Brown and Jude Martland are no different within this particular story! This is a story that once started is hard to put down.

Fans of Trisha Ashley will not be disappointed with 'Twelve Days of Christmas'. This title has been consistently at the top of the Tesco book charts for the past number of weeks and it has also been in the top of the Amazon charts for a number of weeks as well. This book is very reasonably priced within the UK for a 408 paged paper backed book, both with Amazon and Tesco. It would make a very affordable Christmas present or stocking filler for a friend or family member who would like reading  this type of story!


  1. Sounds like a good, fun, Christmassy read. I'll look out for it when I do my Tesco shopping tomorrow! :)

  2. Great blog! This book looks like a fun holiday read. Nothing is better than cozying up to a fluffy holiday romance on a cold winters night!


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