Sunday, 9 January 2011

Author Visit: E.J.Stevens

'Spirit Storm' a New Release by E.J.Stevens

As followers of this blog will know, the author E.J Stevens has visited here before. In 'The Secret Writer' blog archives, you can find my previous interview with E.J.Stevens and a review of the first book in her Spirit Guide series, 'She Smells the Dead'.

E.J has very kindly visited us again today at my request, to tell us a bit about the new book in her Spirit Guide series called 'Spirit Storm', which is due to be published in a few days time on 12th January. 

TSR: E.J. thank you so much for visiting us again at 'The Secret Writer'! Can I start by asking in what direction does Spirit Storm take the readers of the Spirit Guide series?

E.J.: Spirit Storm is an exciting paranormal adventure filled with thrilling mystery, heart pounding suspense, and the joy and pain of true love. A storm is coming. With less than two weeks until Samhain, Yuki and her friends must race to find a way to ward her from the coming spirit horde that threatens to steal her mind...or worse. Just when Yuki needs her friends the most, Calvin is faced with his own burden. Someone, or something, is killing members of his pack. Will Calvin be able to help Yuki when she needs him the most?

TSR: Do we meet any new characters in Spirit Storm?

E.J.: She Smells the Dead was an introduction to the Spirit Guide series where we met Yuki, Calvin, Emma, Gordy, and Simon. Spirit Storm takes the reader deeper into the lives of our central characters while presenting us with past histories to explore and new mysteries to solve.

TSR: Is there anything else you would want to tell us about Spirit Storm?

E.J.: A new spirit guide is revealed in Spirit Storm. Here is a hint:

TSR: Can I ask what is the sequel to Spirit Storm called and is there anything you can tell us about it?

E.J: A ghostly presence, a creepy local legend, and an unpleasant new smell impression keep Yuki and her friends busy in the third book in the Spirit Guide series. Legend of Witchtrot Road is due to release September 2011

TSR: Are you working on anything else at the moment?

E.J.:I am also working on a new middle-grade paranormal series. Yes Annabelle: There Really Are Such Things As Vampires, the first book in the Raven's Gate Manor series, is due to release in 2011. Annabelle In Fairyland: A Midsummer Vacation's Dream, the second book in the series, is expected to release late 2011 or early 2012. The illustrated short story Maude's Wish, based upon the Raven's Gate Manor histories, is also in the works.

TSR: E.J. once again a very big thank-you for visiting here again from all of us at 'The Secret Writer'. I wish you every success with your writing and your new books, and I look forward to following your writing progress as time goes on.

E.J.: Thank-you too, for having me here again at 'The Secret Writer'!

If you are interested in learning more about the books and writing of author E.J.Stevens here is the link to her website:


  1. Thanks for this interview. The book I am writting has an apperance by a spirit guide :)So the books you have listed below under Amazon were good to find also

  2. Wonderful interview! I have been watching this series flourish and look forward to reading them when I am on hiatus from writing my own. I am a fan of E.J Stevens beautiful poetry as well :-)

  3. Becca + Melanie,
    Thank you for stopping by!

    The Secret Writer,
    Thank you for inviting me for a second visit to your lovely blog!

    From the Shadows

  4. I have been hearing more and more about this novel as well as this writer, and all seem to be on the good end of things. Thanks for the great interview.

  5. Reading this I thought of a few people I'd love to gift these books too. I like gifting books and receiving the gift of them. The interview also helped me know the author rather than reading the bio in book. I like being introduced to books and authors here. Thank you.

  6. Becca,Courtney and the Pen Goddess, thank-you for visiting and leaving your kind comments. Melanie I really like E.J.s poetry as well:-) There is one of E.J.'s poems that was posted on this blog a while back. It's in this blog's archive if you would be interested in reading it!It should not be too hard to find!
    E.J. thank-you too for stopping by and chatting. Have a great day everyone!


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