Friday, 7 January 2011

Book Review - Write Great Fiction:Plot & Structure

Write Great Fiction:Plot & Structure 
James Scott Bell  

Writer's Digest Books,Cincinnati,Ohio.2004
ISBN No: -13: 978 1 58297 294 7

I am aware that there are quite a few new budding writers out there who follow my blog, so when I happened to stumble upon and read this book, I immediately felt that I just had to highlight this book to you all!

'Write Great Fiction:Plot & Structure' is written by James Scott Bell. Within his biography, it states that James Scott Bell is a best selling author of thrillers, who has also won the Christy Award for Excellence in inspirational fiction. He was a former trial lawyer and has worked as a fiction columnist for the' Writer's Digest' magazine.

This book is written in a simple but very interesting style of language that is very clear and easy to follow. The book consists of fourteen chapters that contain a wide range of explanations, techniques, tips, tools, plotting diagrams, charts, check-lists and exercises, that will guide the reader in the development their 'plot' writing skills. The principal objective of this book is to assist a writer in creating a believable and memorable 'plot' within their story, from the beginning, right through until its end.  

'Write Great Fiction: Plot & Structure' is actually a 'fun book' to work through. It is also very reasonably priced, considering the amount of very valuable advice and information that it contains. I personally feel that this is one book that all budding writers both new and old, would really appreciate and value, hence this post! 


  1. Sounds good to me! Would be useful to read alongside doing my Creative Writing degree :)

  2. How awesome that someone is reviewing this book. I have it and it is a great way to get started writing. I can also recommend "On Writing" by Stephen King. The must have for all authors.


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