Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Nestor Maronski Case Concludes???

If you’ve read my blog before, or hung out on the BestsellerBound message board,  you might be familiar with Nestor Maronski! We’ve had a lot of fun with Nestor,  the miserable book criticwhose mission is to destroy all Indie authors. He and some of his victims have made recent appearances on a number of various blogs including my own. 

If you want to catch up with the complete story about Nestor Maronski, there are now 25 free PDF copies of 'Cutting the Fat' the brand new release by Maria Savva and Jason McIntyre and a 'Nestor Must Die' t-shirt up for grabs on Darcia's blog. Do you know why Nestor needs to die? if not, you really should read Darcia's post and find out more at:
'Cutting the Fat' is also now available for purchase in e-book format from: amazon .com
Happy reading!!


  1. Thanks for posting this, Calum :) Much appreciated! The heading of your blog post is a slightly misleading though, the Nestor case is far from over LOL. He's still lurking around Facebook and Twitter, and we still have a couple more blog interviews lined up for him; so if any of your blog followers are interested, please send them to where they can find all the latest gossip!

  2. Hi Maria! Thanks for stopping by. I did think it was too good to be true that Nestor would disappear altogether!! I would really miss following his story if it did end now;-)

    You have though, just given my blog a 'News Scoop Story', about the future of Nestor Maronski!!!!:-) Thank-you Maria! I've now changed the exclamation mark in this post title to a series of question marks!! :-) Yeh!!!


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