Saturday, 19 February 2011

'Living in Fear' by Maria Papadopoulou

 Living in fear

I am afraid to reach out to you,
you might reject me.

I am afraid to hear you say,
i love you,
you might not mean it,
lost in your own illusions,
believing your own lies,
you may be your worst enemy,
and that makes you my own worst enemy.

I am afraid to believe that we can be happy together,
because it might be a dream,
which will be viciously murdered by jealous reality.

I am afraid to fall asleep
in the soft pillow of your love,
because i might never wake up,
or even if i do,
you might not be there,
and i might not know where to look for you.

I am afraid to believe,
that your real image,
is hidden behind the mask of seduction,
that fits you so well,
as if you were born with it.

But most importantly,
i am afraid  that one day,
i will be too afraid to even dream about you,
and then will suffocate me,
with its black veil.

Maria Papadopoulou

Copyright@Maria Papadopoulou


  1. Maria is a poet that I just happened to discover recently by chance, and I do like her work. Maria's poetry tends to reflect the darker side of life which some of us may never have experienced, but other people have experienced it, the fact is that they just do not talk about it very much. Maria has a talent in verbalising the reality of the darker side to life in her poetry, which is not an easy thing to do. Maria has agreed to to work with me to produce a feature for my blog in relation to her poetry which hopefully I'll be able to post here fairly soon!

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation of my work!
    For those that are not familiar with dark poetry, i recently put up some links in my blog of two famous dark poets, whose work i happen to love. It is Charlotte Smith and Emily Dickinson. I will add more links soon. Here is my blog:
    Maria Papadopoulou

  3. That's a great poem, Maria. I'm sure a lot of people will be able to relate to the emotion in it. Thanks for introducing us to this talented poet, Calum.


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