Saturday, 12 February 2011

To be Released Soon!

A Surprise Party
by Sue Welfare
Release date: 30th March 2011
Published by: Avon Harper Collins

When warring sisters Suzie and Liz come together to organise a 40th wedding anniversary party for their parents, they struggle to keep their personal dramas in check and make it a magical day. Suzie is struggling to keep her marriage afloat and Liz is keen to retain her Queen Bee status. Their aunt and mother are much the same, with Lilly and Fleur at loggerheads over their very different lives.  As the champagne flows and the drama unfolds, it quickly becomes clear that this is a party that no-one will ever forget – but will there be a happy family left at the end?

Sue Welfare was born on the edge of the Fens and is perfectly placed to write about the vagaries of life in East Anglia. She has recently got married again and writes brilliantly about the ups and downs of newly married life. Kate is also a scriptwriter, originating and developing a soap opera for local radio, along with a pantomime for the town in which she lives.


  1. A former scriptwrite, huh? I guess this novel if full of delicious dialogue. I'm a sucker for written conversations that flow neatly.

  2. This book sounds as if it's going to be a good read! Not sure if I would actually want to be at that party though!;-)


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