Wednesday, 16 February 2011

'The Winter Queen' by E.J.Stevens

The Winter Queen
In the dark world of Shadow
During Solstice the Longest Night
The Winter Queen stirs
While her dreaded frost minions
Take flight

In this land of cold and fear
Stands a palace of ice and stone
Where locked deep within
Sits the Winter Queen upon
Her throne

Awareness returns to her
As she tries to open her eyes
Memory and pain
Erupts, but ice seals away
Her cries

The only thing not frozen
Are Winter Queen’s immortal tears
Which sparkle as they
Flow down her cheeks mingling with
Her fears

No one dare enter her realm
No man will ever kiss her lips
For death lingers in
Her embrace, into abyss
He’ll slip

So on this dark Solstice night
The Winter Queen sits upon her throne
Knowing she will sit here 
Forever frozen and all

EJ Stevens
Copyright @ held by EJ Stevens


  1. I really do like EJ's poetry too! EJ is a regular visitor to this blog and if you do a search of my previous blog posts, you will find a review of EJ's paranormal poetry book called 'Shadows of Myths and Legend', and another one of her great poems entitled, 'The Elven Bride'! It is another great poem which is really worth reading.
    Thanks for your kind comment Ammy Belle! :-)

  2. Profound, intense and painful to the core...

  3. Beautiful and deeply touching. I will definitely checkout EJ's books and poems! Also, I'm going to request permission to post a poem at my blog site. Off I go. Thanks secretwriter for sharing!

  4. Lovely ... love the pic too!



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