Monday, 28 March 2011

'Message' by Jessica Kristie

Jessica Kristie is another new poet that I would like to introduce you all to. Jessica's new book called  'Dreaming in Darkness', is due to be published soon. You can see the video trailer for her new book on this blog. Jessica will be visiting us shortly at 'The Secret Writer' and she has very kindly given me permission to post one of her poems for you to enjoy. I think it is beautiful and I hope you all like it too!


I dream within this bottle,
and throw it out to sea.
For in it holds the meaning
of all you are to me.

If you listen really close,
and hold it to your ear,
within my deepest heart,
a message you will hear.

I speak upon the wind,
so my words will catch a breeze.
Then travel through the waves,
and land within your seas.

The whispers of my soul,
lay on your ocean’s wind.
Now listen as they speak,
and tell you what’s within.

I dream inside this bottle,
whisper to your sea.
So you will hear my heart,
and know your love is in me.

Dreaming in Darkness
COPYRIGHT © 2011 by Jessica Kristie
Excerpt appears courtesy of Willow Moon Publishing, LLC


  1. The photo of the green bottle on the beach is really striking and goes so well with the longing in the poem

  2. agree with Paulita. The bottle, like the heart, holds so many memories and dreams and wants and sorrows and joys. That's what I took from the bottle and poem. Thank you.

  3. I am so glad you all enjoyed the poem. I am excited the book is now available on Amazon and Amazon UK.

    It was a Perfect picture for the poem, thank you! xo


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