Wednesday, 28 September 2011

'Jezebel' by Eleanor De Jong

Release date: 5th January 2012
Published by: Avon
ISBN No: 978 1-84756 255 5 

Set against the sweeping backdrop of the ancient Holy Land, Jezebel is a tale of love, loss and deceit - and one woman’s struggle to survive in a land filled with rivals plotting her downfall…

Her name is iconic. Her courage extraordinary. Her story remarkable. Jezebel, a young princess of Tyre is destined to be married to King Ahab of Israel. Yet she is determined to rule her own life and begins an illicit affair with Jehu, a visiting prince at court. Years pass and Jehu, unable to relinquish his love for Jezebel grows bitter and twisted. But he is unaware of Jezebel's greatest secret – that he is father to her eldest son Ahaziah, the heir to Israel's throne. With the King's health deteriorating, Jezebel gradually assumes control of Israel but hatred of her is spreading across the land, fanned by the prophet Elijah and his aide, the terrifying Elisha. As they plot her downfall, Jezebel must find her inner strength and fight for her beliefs against all odds. Set against the sweeping backdrop of the Holy Land comes an epic tale of one of the most courageous and controversial women of all time. Jezebel will enthral fans of The Red Tent and The Borgia Bride.


  1. This sounds like a book I will love. Awesome pick!

  2. I am reading it and totally engrossed in this book. Reading a lot about Jezebel online as well and surprisingly this lady inspite of not being wrong at any point of her life, she has only earned a bad name. This only proves how male dominated and blinded by false religious views the world was at that time.

    1. Thank you for calling by and leaving your interesting comment. It is amazing what false perceptions can lead to!


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