Wednesday, 21 December 2011

'Year of the Tiger' by Lisa Brackman

Release date: 26th April 2012
Published by: Harper
ISBN No: 978 0 00 745319 1 

An electrifying thriller debut set in modern China, in a world of artists, paranoid revolutionaries and government conspiracies…

Ellie Cooper is down and out in Beijing. Her tour of duty in Iraq left her with a damaged leg, a faithless husband, and a desperate need to escape and think about what the hell to do with the rest of her life. She's fallen in love with charismatic Chinese artist Lao Zhang, but just who is the shady guy who's arrived at his house, tailed by the Chinese authorities? They say he's a terrorist that Lao Zhang is harbouring, but now Lao Zhang has disappeared…

And even worse, her cheating husband Trey turns up out of nowhere asking for a divorce. In his wake come some sinister American and Chinese agents, all searching for Lao Zhang, and soon they all start to get threatening. As Ellie tries to elude her pursuers, a deeper mystery emerges – one that seems to involve something she should never have seen in Iraq – and she realizes her life is seriously at risk.

Is there anyone she can trust in the teeming underbelly of Beijing? It seems her only true friends may be the ones she's been interacting with in an online role-playing game. But following the clues they supply is about to take her on a perilous tour of hidden China, and down a rabbit hole of conspiracies from which she may never return…

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