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Laptops and Lapcats with Free Amazon e-book Download by Grace Elliot

Laptops and Lapcats!

Hello, and another big thank you to Calum for indulging me here at The Secret Writer. Today I'd like to share my obsession not just for writing but for all things feline! I would suggest cats are like marmite - they polarise people! No prizes for guessing what side of the fence I land on! I'm a cat addict - which is just as well because by day I am a veterinarian.

I 'moonlight' as a writer and this takes place in a converted garage, sitting on an old leopard print sofa with a laptop on my knee… with a cat squashed between the keyboard and my tummy, or my elbow, or with a cat pressed against my thigh - but never, ever with no cat at all!

The thing about having a cat as a writing companion is that it makes me concentrate and work harder. Take Widget as an example. As I type she's curled up beside me, snoring gently, and yet, the moment I get up for a comfort break she'll be in the vacant warm spot quicker than blink. On my return, any attempts to dislodge her are met by looks of such utter hurt, that I don't doubt that if her paws could use a touch-pad she'd have the RSPCA on speed-dial. The result? I stay put at my post as long as possible to avoid the angst of disturbing her!

But whilst I perform my humanly duty of warming up the sofa, at least Widget is content to lie still and leave me in peace. Not so Noni, (Widget's daughter) who loves my youngest son to pieces. The trouble is she loves him too much! It's usual to hear cries of "Noni, no!" as he tries to do his homework. Poor Noni has no idea why a screen could be more fascinating than her and plants herself across the keyboard in protest.

Cats are an endless source of fascination. For instance, whilst researching my historical fiction works, I came across a reference to 'The Cats' Meat Men.' Apparently, the Victorian equivalent of Hills or Whiskas, were these pedlars who sold meat door to door for pet cats. Charles Dickens, aged six, wrote a play about 'The Cats' Meat Men"  and later on, in The Pickwick Papers gave a fascinating glimpse into the unscrupulous pie-man who put cats in his pies!

Over the years, I have assembled quite a dossier of such feline historical trivia. Recently I drew all this information together in a short book "Cat Pies." This non-fiction book is a collection of interesting (well, I think so) trivia such as: who invented the cat flap, why is cat-gut called 'cat-gut' when it's made from sheep intestine, do black cats bring good or bad luck , and why did Victorian veterinarians have such a bad reputation….and much more! 

Those fascinated by cats or trivia or history may be interested to know that you can download a copy of Cat Pies for FREE from Amazon as detailed below

Happy reading!
Grace x

Free Amazon Download of 'Cat Pies'!
Grace has very kindly arranged that you can download a free e-copy of her book 'Cat Pies' by clicking on the direct Amazon links given below. 

The free download will be available on from midnight (U.S. EST) on 15th January and at 5am on 16th January (GMT) on Amazon UK, for two days only, so grab your copy as soon as it becomes available in your particular time zone! Thank-you Grace for providing us with this fantastic offer. It really is appreciated.

Click on the relevant link below for your free e-copy of 'Cat Pies'!

Amazon UK Link Link

Author Bio - Grace Elliot.

Grace Elliot leads a double life as a veterinarian by day and author of historical romance by night. Grace works in a companion animal practice near London and is housekeeping staff to five moggies, two teenage sons and a guinea pig. She turned to writing as an antidote to the stress of modern life and believes intelligent people have the greatest need to read romance!

If you would like to know more about Grace please visit her blog or website (direct links)

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