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'Spur of the Moment' by Candace Bowen Early

Release date: 1st February 2012
Published by: Rhemalda Publishing
ISBN No: 978 1936850259

Exhibiting a lifelong passion for history and writing, Candace Bowen Early has written several novels.  Her novel 'Spur of the Moment' is a 12th-21st century paranormal romance novel that combines time travel, romance and mysticism.

Here’s a little bit about it:

Best-selling author Bronwyn Chase never quite fit in with the 21st century world around her. On a publicity trip to New York City, a mysterious woman claiming to be a mystic from Bronwyn’s past gives her a silver knight’s spur. Asked to save Euric, a man she never knew existed, Bronwyn finds herself transported to twelfth century Cornwall, England. Landing at the feet of an entranced Euric, she discovers the instant connection she feels to him comes from a midsummer rite gone horribly awry on the eve of her birth. Forced to face a dark wicche planning to use Euric for her own nefarious ends, Bronwyn summons her own mystical birthright to free him.

Candace would like to tell you in her own words a little about how 'Spur of the Moment' came to be.

My name is Candace Bowen Early. It is an honour to be included in the Rhemalda Publishing family. Currently, I am in a state of amazement that I have one book on the verge of being published, much less four.

Several people have asked me where the idea for 'Spur of the Moment' came from so I thought I would share the workings of my mind. I hope you are sitting down. Of the four complete novels I have written,'Spur of the Moment' is nearest and dearest to my heart. My often brutal critique team consisting of my mom and sister-in-law realized from the start why I related so well to the story. 

Unlike my first novel, where I had to put myself in the heroine’s shoes, Bronwyn Chase filled mine. If you like Bronwyn’s personality, chances are we will be great friends. Nervous by nature, I am known to hide behind humor. My mom believes I get my dry wit from my dad. Somehow, I do not think she means it as a compliment. I live in South Florida, but my heart is elsewhere. I have a young son who means the world to me and a husband who puts up with me. The best word to describe me is loyal. If I see a wrong, chances are I will leap before looking.

The idea for 'Spur of the Moment' came out of the blue. A collector of all things Medieval Europe, I purchased a pair of centuries-old religious medals. As I held them, a story formed in my mind. Tossing and rejecting several ideas that would believably transport my heroine to twelfth century Tintagel, a silver knight’s spur popped into my head. The rest of the story came to me as I was writing, sometimes faster than I could type.

I don’t use outlines and am completely lost when it comes to some of the terminology used by other authors. I simply come up with an idea and put it on paper. The fact that people seem to like my ideas is surreal and means a lot to me.

If you are interested in finding out more about Candace and her writing, here is the link to her website: 

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