Tuesday, 29 May 2012

'The Brontes: Wild Genius on the Moors: The Story of Three Sisters' by Juliet Barker

Release date: August 2012
Published by:  Pegasus Books
ISBN No: 978 1605983653

The story of the tragic Bront family is familiar to everyone: we all know about the half-mad, repressive father, the drunken, drug-addicted wastrel of a brother, wildly romantic Emily, unrequited Anne, and poor Charlotte. Or do we? These stereotypes of the popular imagination are precisely that imaginary created by amateur biographers from Mrs. Gaskell who were primarily novelists and were attracted by the tale of an apparently doomed family of genius.Juliet Barker 's landmark book is the first definitive history of the Brontes. It demolishes the myths, yet provides startling new information that is just as compelling but true. Based on first hand research among all the Bront manuscripts and among contemporary historical documents never before used by Bront biographers, this book is both scholarly and compulsively readable.The Brontes is a revolutionary picture of the
world 's favorite literary family.

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  1. Oh I'd definitely love to read that! I am a huge fan of the sisters!


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