Sunday, 22 July 2012

'Coincidences' by Maria Savva

Kindle Edition
Published 7th July 2012

One of the first interviews that I posted here on 'The Secret Writer'  blog, was with the author Maria Savva. My interview with Maria can be found by clicking on the following LINK

I really enjoyed reading Maria's first novel 'Coincidences', which initially was published as a hard backed book. Recently Maria has released a Kindle version of 'Coincidences'. You can find a synopsis of this story and the relevant Amazon links below. I wish Maria every success with her launch of the Kindle version of 'Coincidences'!

 'Secrets, lies and coincidences abound in this story of a young girl looking for her father. Alice, now twenty-one years old, is determined to find her father who left home when she was just a baby, despite a warning from her mother that she should not look for him. Her mother's secretiveness over the subject is because of the guilt she feels about keeping the truth from Alice. It will take all of Alice's courage to persevere in her search. There are doubts and uncertainties at every turn. Coincidences is a story about following your dreams and staying on the path no matter how difficult the circumstances may become.'

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