Thursday, 19 July 2012

'Ma, I've Reached for the Moon an I'm Hittin the Stars' by Martha Long

Release date: 6th September 2012
Published by: Mainstream Publishing
ISBN No: 978 1780575742

'Never again will I let myself plunge so low, it nearly cost my life then ended in the mad house', Martha vows, as she sits back in the taxi wrapping the fur coat around her. A young Russian monk from the mental hospital has proposed marriage. Then she receives a shock. A letter from Father Ralph Fitzgerald, the man who rescued her as a sixteen year old from the streets. With no one to care whether she lived or died, he took her into his life and into his heart, leaving her in the care of his family. They fell in love when she was still a young girl of eighteen, now a young lady with a very bright future. Ralph, who had become the most powerful person in her life, felt he had done all he could do for her. Now it was time for her to fly away on her wings, and meet her life head on. He left for the African Congo to work as a missionary doctor, where he has spent the last sixteen years. Now he has returned, and is living in France. By chance he learned about Martha's breakdown, and has invited her to write, or phone him. She does neither. Now Martha draws us once again into her life as we follow her to France. She has decided to arrive on his doorstep and meet him face to face. Even after all these years, Ralph Fitzgerald is the only man she has ever loved. She needs to know if he still feels the same. Do they have a future together?

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