Sunday, 30 September 2012

'Killing Fields of Scotland' by R J M Pugh

Release date: 15th November 2012
Published by: Pen and Sword Military
ISBN No: 978 1781590195
Most people are familiar with references to Scottish battles such as Bannockburn and Flodden but know little if anything about those events. Rugby and soccer fans outside Scotland may wonder at the sign '1314' held up by Scottish fans and not know that it is the date of the Battle of Bannockburn when an English king was defeated on Scottish soil. The battle is also commemorated in Scotland's unofficial national anthem, 'The Flower of Scotland'. Battles fought on Scottish soil include those of the Scottish Wars of Independence, those occasioned by the English Civil Wars and the Jacobite Rebellions. This book tells the stories of these battles and many others fought in Scotland from the Roman victory at Mons Graupius in AD 83 to the defeat of Bonnie Prince Charlie at Culloden Moor in 1746.
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  1. Oh dear, another one to add to my to-read list. Love finding stuff on your blog though!

  2. Hi Hazel! It's good to see you back here again and thanks for leaving your comment :-) I was actually thinking about you the other day and wondering how your book was progressing.

    I was starting to wonder if I was scaring people off from my blog with the titles that I flag up. Quite a few people have told me that their 'to read' lists are growing after visiting here! ;-) Have a good week ahead!


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