Saturday, 20 October 2012

'North Child' by Edith Pattou

Release date: 1st November 2012
Published by: Usborne Publishing Ltd
ISBN No: 978 1409540540
A luxury edition of Edith Pattou's epic tale of love, courage and destiny. Rose has fallen in love with an enchanted stranger and must journey to the land east of the sun to free him. This magical and moving tale has been shortlisted for the Ottaker's Children's book prize and St. Helens Young Books Awards 2012. A perfect gift.
This is a beguiling epic of magic, love, loss and betrayal based on the traditional fairytale "East of the Sun, West of the Moon". The lyrical writing and bold sweep of the story as Rose travels north will cast a spell over every reader. "A rich tapestry that will resonate with readers...The stuff of epic tale-telling, replete with high drama and compelling characterisations." - Booklist. Rose was born into the world facing north, and as a north child, superstition says that she will be a wanderer, travelling far from home. This prophecy is fulfilled when she is taken on the back of a white bear to a mysterious empty castle, where a silent stranger appears to her night after night. When her curiosity overcomes her, she loses her heart, and must journey to a land east of the sun and west of the moon to reclaim it.
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