Saturday, 27 October 2012

'The Goddess Chronicle' by Natsuo Kirino

Release date: 3rd January 2013
Published by: Canongate Books Ltd
ISBN No: 978 1847673015

In a place like no other, on an island in the shape of a tear drop, two sisters are born into a family of the oracle. Kamikuu, with creamy skin and almond eyes, is admired far and wide; Namima, small but headstrong, learns to live in her sister's shadow. On her sixth birthday, Kamikuu is presented with a feast of sea-serpent egg soup, sashimi and salted fish, and a string of pure pearls. Kamikuu has been chosen as the next Oracle, while Namima is shocked to discover she must serve the goddess of darkness. So begins an adventure that will take Namima from her first experience of love to the darkness of the underworld. But what happens when she returns to the island for revenge? Natsuo Kirino, the queen of Japanese crime fiction, turns her hand to an exquisitely dark tale based on the Japanese myth of Izanami and Izanagi. A fantastical, fabulous tour-de-force, it is a tale as old as the earth about ferocious love and bitter revenge.
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  1. Oh, I loved Out and the myth of Izanami and Izanagi has always fascinated me. *adding The Goddess Chronicle to wishlist*


    1. :-) I hope you enjoy reading this one too when it is released!


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