Friday, 30 November 2012

'Out of the Black Land' by Kerry Greenwood

Release date: 5th February 2013
Published by: Poisoned Pen Press
ISBN No: 978 1464200380
Ptah-hotep, a peasant studying to be a scribe, is appointed by Amenhotep IV as court scribe, where he is surrounded by envious rivals and enemies. Child princess Mutnodjme sees her beautiful sister Nefertiti married to the impotent young pharaoh, while the ladies of the court devise a shocking plan to ensure Nefertiti bears royal children. Kheperren is scribe to the daring teenage general Horemheb, who guards the land from enemies on every bordereven while a far greater menace impends. Many believe that the young pharaoh is not only deformed but mad and that the biggest danger to the empire lies within the royal palace itself.
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