Thursday, 29 November 2012

'Pompeii: The Ages of Pompeii' by Fabrizio Pesando

Release date: 30th January 2013
Published by:  24 ORE Cultura s.r.l
ISBN No: 978 8866481140
Pompeii is one of the great legends of the modern world. The name immediately brings to mind the day in 79 AD when the eruption of Vesuvius put an end to the city's life. Tragic skeletons and casts of fleeing inhabitants haunt our image of Pompeii. Pointing out that the city already had a very long history when this occurred is therefore not stating the obvious. A select resort for many leading figures of the Roman elite - including Cicero, who had a villa there - and described by Seneca as one of the most populous towns of the Campania region, Pompeii had been under the influence of the Etruscans and of the Samnites, before coming into the Roman sphere and finally being conquered by Sulla in 89 BC. The passing of ages left its imprint on the evolution not only of painting - the four Pompeian styles - but also of architecture and construction techniques. It is fascinating to pick out the resulting variety in a landscape of ruins that appears uniform only at first sight. In addition to recounting the history of Pompeii, this work is designed for the precise purpose of accompanying the reader in the discovery of this variety and these traces, thus transforming their journey into a series of very interesting surprises.
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  1. Looks fascinating. It's hard to remember that there was more to Pompeii than its tragic ending.

    1. I visited Pompeii a couple of months ago. The history surrounding Pompeii is facinating. It is though very sad and tragic as you say that so many people lost their lives as a result of the volcanic eruption. Even with so many tourists visiting Pompeii you still get a real feeling that something terrible happened there in the past. To be able to say that I have walked around the streets of Pompeii that were constructed in the time of the Roman Empire, brings that history alive for me. If you ever get the chance, it is well worth a visit! Have a great weekend Susan and thanks for leaving your comment about this :-)


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