Saturday, 29 December 2012

'Early Medieval Scotland: Individuals, Communities and Ideas' by David Clarke et al.

Release date: 8th October 2012
Published by: NMSE - Publishing Ltd
ISBN No: 978 1905267637
The time in Scotland after the Romans and before the Vikings used to be known by scholars as the 'Dark Age'. Much light has now been shed on it; although there is a lack of historical documentation, archaeology has provided new information - and it is astounding. Surviving objects demonstrate that Scotland was part of a sophisticated network and that craftsmen had mastered complex technologies, as shown by the elaborately carved Hilton of Cadboll stone, the house-shaped Monymusk Reliquary, and the sumptuously decorated Hunterston brooch (which can all be seen in the National Museum of Scotland). The book: argues that archaeological material surviving from this time needs to be treated on its own terms and not made to fit historical texts; tells stories backed up by archaeological evidence under the headings Individuals/Communities/Ideas and Ideologies; and does not deconstruct previous studies of the period but highlights the possibilities provided by the material culture evidence.
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