Friday, 18 January 2013

'Karl Bodmer - Painter of the Native Americans: Europe Encounters America' by NAMN

Release date: 12th February 2013
Published by: University of Chicago Press; Bilingual edition
ISBN No: 978 3858812360

Karl Bodmer, born in Zurich in 1809, is well known in the present day for the magnificent illustrations he made in 1832-34 on an extensive expedition led by the German aristocrat and scientist Prinz Maximilian zu Neuwied along the upper Missouri and Ohio rivers. Bodmer's more than 400 detailed sketches and watercolours are unsurpassed until the present day and still recognised as an epitome in depicting alien culture, and they are among the most important documents of Native American culture. This book marks Bodmer's 200th anniversary and is an homage to the painter who gave so many detailed and lively insights into the way of life and appearance of the native people in the North American plains and prairies. It presents all 81 engravings after his watercolours used to illustrate Prince Maximilian's travels in the interiors of North America, besides of many of his original watercolours and sketches and also photographs of artefacts collected during the expedition.The illustrations are complemented by essays on Bodmer's life and investigating key aspects of his oeuvre as well as the particular nature of his work between scientific illustration and art.
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