Thursday, 10 January 2013

'Shadow on the Crown' by Patricia Bracewell

Release date: 6th June 2013
Published by: Harper Collins
ISBN No: 978 0007481736
An epic tale of seduction, war, and unrequited love. Patricia Bracewell, an outstanding new voice in historical fiction, weaves together a story that spans countries and dynasties to extraordinary dramatic effect.

The year is 1001 and England is under threat. The air off the southern coast hangs heavy, thick with the fear of Viking sea raids.

For England’s King Æthelred the night sky is heavy with a dark portent. England’s future hangs in the balance, its path determined by a struggle for the King’s own heart. Two women – Emma, his Norman bride and Elgiva, his Anglo Saxon mistress – will stop at nothing in their battle for the King’s favour and the Queen’s Coronet. But the sky speaks of a royal death and ahead of all three is a journey fraught with danger and deception.

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