Wednesday, 23 January 2013

'The Elite' by Kiera Cass

Release date: 23rd April 2013
Published by: Harper Teen
ISBN No: 978 0062059963
The Selection gets fierce as rivals stake their claim on the prince.

Six girls, one life-changing prize…

America Singer has the chance to leave normal life for a world of glamour and luxury… for ever.

She was chosen for The Selection, a reality TV competition to be gorgeous Prince Maxon’s bride.

Surviving the rivalry and turmoil of the first round was tough, especially with secret feelings to conceal. But America’s gone further than she dared to dream and made it to The Elite – the final six.

Friendships are tested to breaking point as favourites emerge. America’s feelings for Maxon grow ever stronger, but she suspects darker mysteries in his family past. With Aspen close-by offering comfort, solace and something more, where do her loyalties truly lie?

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  1. I might have started this series (the cover alone are stunning enough to entice me) but the awful behavior of this writer's agent put me off.

    Moral: don't call reviewers "bitches" if they don't like your client's book.


    1. I would agree with you Donna. It is a shame that an Agent has tarnished probably a good series for an author :-(


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