Thursday, 31 January 2013

'The Tudor Rose' by Jennifer Kewley Draskau

Release date: 1st May 2013
Published by: The History Press Ltd
ISBN No:  978 0752465845
The beautiful sister of Henry VIII, the spoiled darling of the court, Princess Mary Rose Tudor was married off to the ailing King of France against her will, and, after his death, had to fight for the right to marry Henry's favourite companion, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. After bearing him four children, Mary Rose died in the full flower of her beauty. Her adored husband, too busy to attend her funeral, soon married the 14-year-old fiancee of their only surviving son, who shortly thereafter died of TB. Her older daughter, Frances, was the mother of the ill-fated Jane Grey, the 'Nine Days Queen.' Her second daughter, Eleanor, was the grandmother of Fernando, 5th Earl of Derby, intended by Henry VIII to inherit the throne after Elizabeth. The Tudor Rose is the previously untold story of Mary Tudor and the role she and her descendants played in Tudor England.
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  1. Wow that sounds like such a depressing life. The poor woman!

    1. Thankfully things are a bit better for women in most places these days. It's things in history like this that we do not hear much about these days. Bad things are sometimes hidden. Have a great weekend Misty and thanks for leaving your comment! :-)


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