Saturday, 5 January 2013

'Traitor' by Rory Clements

Release date: 31st January 2013
Published by: John Murray Publishers
ISBN No:  978 1848544321
The Elizabethan navy has a secret weapon: an optical instrument so powerful it gives England unassailable superiority at sea. Spain will stop at nothing to steal it and seize the two men who understand its secrets - William Ivory, the 'Queen's Eye', and the magician Dr Dee.

With a second Armada threatened, intelligencer John Shakespeare is sent north to escort Dr Dee to safety. But he finds Dee's host, the Earl of Derby, dying in agony, apparently poisoned. Who wants him dead and why? What lies behind the lynching of a recusant priest, and how is the mysterious and beautiful Lady Eliska involved? While Shakespeare attempts to untangle a plot that points to treachery at the very highest reaches of government, he also faces serious accusations far closer to home. With so much at stake, must he choose between family and his duty to Queen and country?
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  1. Sounds like a scrummy read. Just added it to the TBR pile. Your blog is very dangerous for me. I'm always finding good stuff to read.


    1. :-) You should see my TBR pile Kimberlee. It's scary! ;-)


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