Sunday, 3 February 2013

'The Forbidden Queen' by Anne O'Brien

Release date: 1st March 2013
Published by: Mira
ISBN No: 978-1848452152
An innocent pawn. A kingdom for the taking. A new dynasty will reign...
1415 Katherine de Valois, the jewel in the French crown. An innocent locked up by her mother, Queen Isabeau, and kept pure as a prize for the English king slaughtering her kinsmen on the battlefields of Agincourt. No matter the cost, Isabeau is determined to deliver Katherine into the loveless arms of Henry V. But the Valois blood is worth less than she had brokered. Henry will take Katherine, not for her beauty, not for a treaty of peace - for nothing less than the glittering French crown itself. For Katherine, a pawn in a ruthless political game, England is a lion s den of greed, avarice and mistrust. And when the magnificent King leaves her widowed at twenty-one she is a prize ripe for the taking. Her enemies are circling, her heart is on her sleeve, her hand in marriage is worth a kingdom.

This is a deadly game. The players Duke of Gloucester, Edmund Beaufort and Owen Tudor. Who will have her? Who will stop her? This is the story of Katherine de Valois. England s most coveted prize. The forbidden queen who launched the most famous dynasty of all time...
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  1. I am really looking forward to this one

  2. Is this coming out in the US in March? I cannot find it on Amazon US unless I am so missing something :( And I really want to read this.

    1. Hi Marie! Thanks for calling by. March is the UK release date. I checked Amazon US and do not see 'The Forbidden Queen' listed there as yet, so you are not missing anything at the moment States side. I'll check with Anne to see if she knows of a release date for for her book in the USA. Keep watching this thread! :-)

      I've actually a feeling that this might be the re-release of the US version of 'The Virgin Widow' with a new title and cover for the UK market. We will see!

  3. Marie, Sorry for my delay in getting back to you about this. It's been a bit of a crazy week here for me as usual! 'The Virgin Widow' is the story of Anne Neville, wife of Richard III while 'The Forbidden Queen', yet to be released, is a new book by Anne O'Brien about Katherine de Valois, wife of Henry V.

    As previously stated, March 2013 is the release date for the UK edition of 'The Forbidden Queen'. This book is scheduled to be released in America, but the date for it's release there has not been announced as yet.
    Hope this is helpful and have a good weekend ahead!


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