Tuesday, 19 February 2013

'The Map Maker's War' by Ronlyn Domingue

Release date: April 2013
Published by: Atria Books
ISBN No: 978 1451688887
Long ago, a girl named Aoife is allowed a rare apprenticeship to become her kingdom's mapmaker, tasked with charting the entire land. Years later, she finds a secretive people beyond its borders who live in peace and among great wealth. After her kingdom learns of their existence and perceives them as a threat, she attempts to warn the people of imminent danger. Aoife is exiled for treason, leaving behind her infant twins and her kingdom at war.
She finds refuge in a distant village among the very people who had been declared her enemy. With them, she begins a new life surrounded by kindness, equality, and cooperation. But within herself, Aoife has no peace. She cannot share her true feelings of the home and children she left behind. She cannot bear the scars of the man she comes to love, who was traumatized by the war she thinks she caused. The Mapmaker's War is Aoife's tale in her own words, an account of the lies, betrayal, hope, and love that made her who she is. It is a legend in the making.
Copyright: Simon and Schuster Synopsis

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