Tuesday, 12 February 2013

'Under the Jewelled Sky' by Alison McQueen

Release date: 25th April 2013
Published by: Orion
ISBN No: 978 1409131175
From the mysterious opulence of a maharaja's palace to the devastated landscape of post-Partition India, a young woman's search for everything she loved and lost.

India, 1947. As daughter to the personal physican of an Indian Maharaja, Sophie Schofield spends her days exploring the palace and trying to stave off the loneliness she feels. She makes an unlikely friend but soon loses her heart - to the one person she shouldn't fall in love with. On the night of Indian independence, something happens that changes everything for Sophie.

Years later, Sophie has almost managed to put the past behind her. But when her diplomat husband is posted to Delhi, she finds her secrets won't stay buried. As India struggles with its new identity, Sophie realizes her own story is about to fall apart. Facing the truth will mean a journey back into her past and to the memory of a young boy with tourmaline eyes.

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