Sunday, 24 February 2013

'Where There's A Will' by Mary Malone

Release date: 21st February 2013
Published by Poolbeg Press Ltd
ISBN No:  978 1842234907
Kieran Dulhooly is shocked to discover he’s the sole beneficiary of his Aunt Polly’s will, inheriting her valuable West Cork home as well as a substantial amount of saving. But his windfall comes with a legal clause: he must live in the house for a period of 12 months before reviving rightful ownership. Kieran’s euphoria is short-lived, his aunt’s conditions stifling for her wanderlust nephew.

Waiting in the wings and next in line to inherit are Kieran’s sisters, Beth and Charlotte. Having already earmarked Polly’s money, financially distress Beth sets out on a course of destruction, determined to get her share – one way or another. In this, she has the full support of her mother Marian.

Will Kieran walk away from such an opportunity? Is settling in one place for a year beyond possible? Or will the spark he feels for the vulnerable girl next door prompt him to take a chance and accept Aunt Polly’s challenge?

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