Friday, 1 March 2013

Free Amazon E-Book Download: 'The Fairy Tale Keeper' by Andrea Cefalo


Regular followers of my blog may remember that the author Andrea Cefalo visited us here a while back to tell us about her book 'The Fairy Tale Keeper'. Well Andrea has stopped by here again, to just let us know that 'The Fairytale Keeper' is available free on Amazon today, tomorrow, and Sunday! 

'The Fairy Tale Keeper' is a medieval tale of corruption, first love, and the origins of Grimm's fairy tales.  Thanks for giving us the 'heads up' on this Andrea! It is very much appreciated by us all.


Snow White was a pet name her mother had given her, but her mother’s dead now. Adelaide hates that name anyway. A rampant fever claimed Adelaide’s mother just like a thousand others in Cologne where the people die without Last Rites and the dead are dumped in a large pit outside of the city walls. Adelaide’s father is determined to obtain a funeral for his wife, but that requires bribing the parish priest, Father Soren. When Soren commits an unforgivable atrocity, he pushes Adelaide to her breaking point, but if she seeks justice against the cruel priest, she risks sacrificing everything: her father, her friends, her first love, and maybe even her life.

Download your free e-book copy of 'The Fairy Tale Keeper' by clicking on the relevant link below:

Amazon Com

Amazon UK


  1. awesome! I made sure to spread the news on my FB author page!

  2. Thanks Calum. Nice post. :)

    1. You are very welcome Andrea. Thank you too for the opportunity to spread the word! :-)

  3. That is great news. I love fairytales. Thanks for sharing! *heading over to amazon*


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