Sunday, 14 April 2013

'Angelfall' by Susan EE

Release date: 23rd May 2013
Published by: Hodder and Stoughton
ISBN No: 978 1444778519
Action-packed and genuinely terrifying fantasy epic novel set six weeks after the world has succumbed to the angel apocalypse.

It's been six weeks after angels of the apocalypse have destroyed the world as we know it. When enemy angels fly away with 17-year-old Penryn's little sister, Penryn is forced to team up with Raffe, an injured angel who wants his wings back. Together, they will journey to the heart of San Francisco and the angels' stronghold, where an unimaginable horror awaits them.

Copyright: Hodder and Stoughton Synopsis


  1. I just read this book last night and loved it! It was creepy and totally awesome. I cannot wait for the second book. :)

  2. Book two is scheduled to be published in the UK by Hodder and Stoughton this Autumn!


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