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Book Launch: 'Riverbend' by Tess Thompson

A very warm welcome to you Tess and can I thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to us again here at ‘The Secret Writer’, especially as today is the day that you launch your latest novel ‘Riverbend’! Tess, can you briefly bring us up to date with what you have been writing since you last visited ‘The Secret Writer’?

Thanks so much for having me on your site! You were my very first interview when we released ‘Riversong’ – I was so grateful to you for taking a chance on a no-name author. I've been working hard the last several years –on a yet to be released historical fiction trilogy (coming out in 2014) and ‘Caramel and Magnolias’ (released in Feb. 2013) and the second in the River Valley series, ‘Riverbend’. I’m now writing the first draft of ‘Riverstar’, the third in the series.

Can you briefly tell us a bit, without giving too much away, of how you developed the story contained within ‘Riverbend’ and how is it a follow on from your amazing book ‘Riversong’?

In a nutshell, I wanted to give Annie, the chef in ‘Riversong’, a happy ending. Annie’s had a rough past with men and I thought it was about time a handsome, mysterious man moves to River Valley and falls in love with her. Of course, the path to true love is never easy!

When you are drafting a novel, how do you actually place yourself into the time period that you are writing about?

With my historical work, it is all about research, as I’m sure you can imagine. I find that photos or art work of a time period really play to my imagination. My contemporary work, obviously, is easy, especially since I set almost all of it the Pacific Northwest, specifically Seattle, my home for over twenty years, and small, fictional towns like the one I grew up in.

For those who are interested in the art of writing a novel, can you briefly share with us how you go about developing the conversations that your characters have with each other within your stories?

I start with creating extensive character profiles with every detail sketched out. From there, the dialogue comes easily because I know them so well. Then, it‘s just putting them together in a dramatic situation and they just start talking to each other.

Can you possibly give us a hint about the other books that you have planned?

‘Riverstar’, the third in the River Valley series, picks up with Bella and Ben, whom you meet in ‘Riverbend’. That, and a movie set arrives in River Valley. When one of the actresses is murdered, Ben is accused of the crime.

My historical novel, set in the American south in the 1930’s, ‘Duet for Three Hands’, is something I've been working on for almost three years. We’re still debating about how to package it in the most dramatic way – we believe it’s a trilogy. Stay tuned....

I’m debating on writing the fourth River Valley book next or another contemporary romance I have plotted out - I’ll decide after I finish ‘Riverstar’.

Tess, I am absolutely delighted that you have visited my blog again. Thank you, it is very much appreciated! Can I wish you every success with your latest novel ‘Riverbend’ and I do look forward to also reading the new books that you have planned for the future. Have a fabulous book launch day!

Thank you so very much for hosting me. I appreciate it and look forward to hearing from your followers!

'Riverbend' has been released today (14th May 2013) as an e-book by Booktrope. Click on a link below, to be taken to the relevant Amazon page:

Book Synopsis
Just as Annie Bell’s reputation as one of the best chefs in the Pacific Northwest grows to new heights, she receives a threatening phone call from her abusive ex-boyfriend. Marco is out on parole and hungry for revenge, blaming her for his ten-year imprisonment. Fearing for her life and that of her young son, Annie reluctantly accepts help from Drake Webber, a cold and wealthy recluse hiding a dark history of his own. Supported by the gang of misfits from their restaurant Riversong, Annie forges ahead despite her growing terror that Marco will appear at any moment and make good on his threats.

Author Tess Thompson (formerly known as Tess Hardwick) reunites the colorful cast of endearing small-town characters from her bestselling novel Riversong and takes you on a journey that will renew your faith in love, friendship and the power of community – even in the face of seemingly insurmountable grief and fear. You’ll find yourself once again cheering for the residents of River Valley, especially the big-hearted and compassionate Annie Bell.

Escape with a blend of love, laughter, friendship, suspense and gourmet food while remembering it’s never too late for second chances.

A special double e-book deal is currently available on Amazon for both 'Riversong' and Riverbend'! Just click on a link below, to be taken to the relevant Amazon page:

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