Tuesday, 7 May 2013

'Lake of Souls' by Brian Rhodes

Release date: 27th June 2013
Published by: Book Guild Ltd
ISBN No: 978 1846248764

Lake of Souls is a meticulously researched ghost story with a difference, combining a fast-paced plot with intriguing reflections on the nature of faith, religion, the afterlife, good and evil. David Peters is a skilled craftsman: a builder, with a wife and young daughter, and recently bereaved of his father. He takes on a difficult restoration job at the local manor house, Falstead Priory, in the hope of more work from the estate and a more regular income. However, when he enters the drainage tunnels under the lake he is nearly killed by an inexplicable water surge. His saviour, to his utter disbelief, is the spirit of a young woman, Jeanne, whose soul has been held there against its will since her death in the sixteenth century. David promises to help her and all the others similarly trapped, and in doing so begins his own spiritual journey towards a destiny he could never have imagined would be his to claim.

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