Thursday, 2 May 2013

May 2013 'GFC Followers' Book Giveaway Draw!

This free monthly book draw is specifically for the followers of my blog! To enter my book draw each month, you just have to be a GFC Follower of this blog so that you can leave a comment on the giveaway post which you will find by clicking on the May Giveaway Draw tab at the top of this web page. You will then be entered into that particular month's draw for a free book!

Only one comment from each 'GFC Follower' will be allowed and please follow carefully the directions given on the post.

There will be a new draw each month and there is usually one winner from each monthly draw. Each entrant to a monthly draw will be allocated a sequential number. After the closing date for a draw (the last day of each month), the winning number for the free featured book will be chosen by These monthly book draws are open to my 'GFC Followers' Internationally!

This month I have one copy of 'The Raven Queen' by Jules Watson to give away in this particular draw!

Book Synopsis
In this dazzling retelling of one of Ireland's most stirring legends, acclaimed author Jules Watson brings to life the story of Maeve, the raven queen, who is as fierce as she is captivating. She was born to be a pawn, used to secure her father's royal hold on his land. She was forced to advance his will through marriage--her own desires always thwarted. But free-spirited Maeve will no longer endure the schemes of her latest husband, Conor, the cunning ruler of Ulster. And when her father's death puts her homeland at the mercy of its greedy lords and Conor's forces, Maeve knows she must at last come into her own power to save it. With secret skill and daring, Maeve proves herself the equal of any warrior on the battlefield. With intelligence and stealth, she learns the strategies--and sacrifices--of ruling a kingdom through treacherous alliances. And to draw on the dangerous magic of her country's oldest gods, Maeve seeks out the wandering druid Ruan, whose unexpected passion and strange connection to the worlds of spirit imperil everything Maeve thought true about herself--and put her at war with both her duty and her fate.

Good Luck Everyone!

The winner of the September draw was Daniela. Congratulations!
The winner of the October draw was Allie. Congratulations!
The winner of the November draw was Carol N Wong. Congratulations!
The winner of the December draw was Elizabeth L. Congratulations!
The winner of the January draw was Natasa Likes. Congratulations!
The winner of the February draw was Ana Laura. Congratulations!
The winner of the March draw was rainjays. Congratulations!
The winners of the April draw were Mary P and Tina K. Congratulations!