Friday, 3 May 2013

'The Try' by James P. Owen et al

Release date: 26th June 2013
Published by: Skyhorse Publishing
ISBN No: 978 1620878644
What is it that separates the doers, leaders, and success stories among us from the dreamers, also-rans, and wannabes? To bestselling author James P. Owen, it's all about having 'The Try'--the quality of giving 110 per cent to the task or challenge at hand. In 'The Try'--a dozen true stories of ordinary people who've done extraordinary things across varied fields of endeavour--Owen reveals 'The Try' as a character trait that can be forged in several ways. Some of those profiled are driven by a childhood dream or long held ambition. Others are fuelled by someone else's belief in them, an unwavering belief in themselves, or the urge to pit themselves against daunting odds. Still others find 'The Try' in a life-changing moment when they hit rock bottom or come face-to-face with failure. What all high achievers have in common, Owen believes, is a blend of inner drive, focus, and determination that pushes them to pursue their goals relentlessly, confronting every obstacle, and never, ever giving up. His insightful profiles bring to life new scientific evidence that effort trumps ability. Owen provides inspiration that will strike a chord with anyone who has a lofty goal, a deep personal ambition, or a major challenge to face. By connecting the dots in this collection of stories, he also delivers practical "how to" advice for those who want to cultivate 'The Try' in themselves or those they love.
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