Saturday, 15 June 2013

'The Synchronicity Key' by David Wilcock

Release date: 20th August 2013
Published by: Dutton Books
ISBN No: 978 0525953678

In his new book, 'The Synchronicity Key', David Wilcock embarks on an astonishing investigation into what lies beyond those prophecies,  finding proof that everything in our lives is not only connected, it all influences everything else. Using history, astrology, and synchronicity theory as well as concepts such as fractals, spiritual geometry, quantum physics, and other new research, Wilcock shows that there is a hidden architecture within time, guiding individuals and nations through a system of enlightenment Joseph Campbell called the Hero's Journey. Historical events occur in shockingly precise, repeating cycles of time as a result. Once we understand and identify the hidden laws governing the fates of individuals and nations through seemingly random synchronicity,  we are left with a remarkable blueprint of how best to lead our lives spiritually in the post-2012 world.

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