Monday, 8 July 2013

'Moonrise' by Cassandra King

Release date: 3rd September 2013
Published by: Maiden Lane Press
ISBN No: 978 1940210001

 Moonrise: a perfectly restored Victorian showplace nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Famous for its beguiling nocturnal garden that glows when the moon is full, the retreat is now the final resting place of its beautiful and accomplished owner, Rosalyn, victim of a tragic accident less than a year ago. All around the estate, her closest friends gather for the summer as usual, mourning her loss and looking to comfort her widower, Emmet. But when Emmet arrives for the summer, he doesn't come alone. His new bride, Helen, is eager to see Moonrise and to join the world that means so much to her charismatic TV journalist husband. But Emmet's close-knit circle of friends cannot quite accept her, and the harder she tries the worse it gets. Rumours fly, gossip stirs: no one can be trusted. Is someone deliberately trying to ruin Helen's marriage . . . or is the secret that haunts Moonrise claiming another victim?
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