Sunday, 7 July 2013

'Renegade' by Robyn Young

Release date: 18th July 2013
Published by: Hodder Paperbacks
ISBN No: 978 0340963692

To fulfil his destiny, first he must swear allegiance to his enemy ...King Edward of England marches on Scotland, inspired by an Arthurian prophecy to unite the British Isles under one crown. Only one man stands in his way. Robert Bruce is determined to claim the throne of Scotland. But, on the run and hunted by a relentless assassin, his ambition appears far from being realised. And there are other families who hunger for the crown, old rivals gathering against him. Robert was always prepared to die on the battlefield, but in this deadly game of conquest, power and treachery, what else must he sacrifice to keep his hopes alive? 'RENEGADE' is a dazzling story of conspiracy and divided loyalties, and a superb portrait of the mediaeval world.

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  1. Hi Callum, I am currently reading Insurrection and finding it really enjoyable. Robyn Young's development as a writer is really remarkable.

  2. Hi Paula! Thanks for leaving your comment. I would agree with you. I do thoroughly enjoy reading each new book that Robyn writes. I have been fortunate as well that Robyn actually has an interview with me on this blog! :-) Here is the direct web hyperlink to my interview with Robyn for those who may be interested in this:


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