Friday, 16 August 2013

'Dark Possession' by Carol Goodman

Release date: 10th October 2013
Published by: Edbury Press
ISBN No: 978 0091953133

How far would you go for love?
Callie McFay is about to cross worlds and time...

Fairwick used to be populated by all manner of magical creatures but when a cabal of witches forced the closure of the last door to Fairie, the townsfolk had to choose sides. Now it is up to Callie to find a way back.Her quest will take her far from home - to a 17th Century Scotland where the demon she once fell in love with is still very much a man...

Fairwick is a changed place. The door to Faerie has been destroyed and town has been taken over by the all powerful and dominant Nephilim. The suggestion of another remaining door is the only thing keeping Callie's hope alive, and with her friends trapped in Faerie and her demon lover banished, she knows she must act before it's too late. So when she is told of a powerful relic that can destroy the Nephilim she begins a dangerous journey to retrieve it. But the relic is in Faerie, and the witchfinders are after her...

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