Tuesday, 27 August 2013

'The King's Deception' by Steve Berry

Release date: 21st November 2013
Published by: Hodder and Stoughton
ISBN No: 978 1444740844

There is a secret from our history - 500 years old - startling in its revelations and devastating in its political impact. A secret that has, thankfully, stayed hidden.
Until now.

Former Justice Department agent, Cotton Malone, travels to England and finds himself caught in a dark conspiracy born long ago, in the time of the Tudors.

Now both the CIA and MI6 seem to be competing to uncover the mystery and, for Malone, supposedly on holiday with his son, Gary, it's not just the action which comes thick and fast. When Gary disappears, Malone is forced into a race against time, as he battles to decipher a puzzle that leads him from the Middle Temple to the chapel at Windsor Castle, from an Oxford college to the sewers beneath Hampton Court.

With assassins, traitors, spies, and dangerous disciples of a secret society closing in, Malone discovers that the solution to the mystery will not only draw him into a lethal trap, but force him closer to his own troubling past. And a shocking revelation.

opyright: Hodder and Stoughton Synopsis


  1. This was a stunning book, and a great way to be introduced to Cotton Malone (where has he been all my life?!). It does however beg mentioning that Berry wrote a short story "The Tudor Plot" prior to this book's publishing. In an interview with the book report radio show (I listened to the archived interview after having read the book - too late) Berry disclosed that although it's not necessary to read the short story, it does go a long way to introduce readers to the history of the Tudors.

    1. Thanks for calling by and leaving your comment Randwilkes. Your comment was very interesting to read and very much appreciated! :-)


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