Friday, 20 September 2013

Cover Reveal: 'Sefton Manor' by Cait O'Sullivan

Release date: 25th October 2013
Published by: Musa Publishing

50 page Novella 

Cait O'Sullivan is an author who truly has a love of words and magic. Cait would say that she also has had the good fortune to grow up in Ireland. The wanderlust in her blood sent Cait out to travel the world and now, residing in a leafy suburb of London, it is her thoughts and memories that journey far and wide in order to create her latest stories.

Cait has already written a number of novels in the past, but today it is the cover release date for the first book in Cait's new series of Novella's, 'Sefton Manor', which is a Gothic Romance. Cait will be visiting 'The Secret Writer Blog' sometime in the near future, so watch out for this particular post when it's published!

Book Synopsis
Sefton Manor, a country house that has somehow withstood the ravages of time, holds the key to Martha Kendall’s dysfunctional family. Asked by her grandmother to uncover the truth about her missing Aunt, Martha comes to Buckhurst Village. Despite unsettling occurrences upsetting her sensibilities, she starts asking questions.

Questions that lead her to Will Fellowes, a man whose family tended the grounds of Sefton Manor for centuries. Amidst whispers of pacts with the Devil, they pair up to wrestle the secret from the house.

Or will Sefton Manor consume them all? 


  1. Thanks Calum. I'm looking forward to swinging by when Sefton Manor releases too...I love your blog.

  2. You are very welcome Cait. I am looking forward to your visit here as well! Have a great weekend! :-)

  3. This sounds wonderful. The author also sounds like an interesting person with a rare love for life and land. Such people tend to have the ability to translate this love to the page, if the talent for writing is also there. Thanks so much for sharing. I look forward to learning more.

  4. Thanks for calling by Michelle and leaving your kind comment. It is very much appreciated! :-)Cait should be visiting here next month.


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