Wednesday, 25 September 2013

'Gods and Religion in Ancient Egypt' by Lucia Gahlin

Release date: 30th November 2013
Published by: Hermes House
ISBN No: 978 0857233714

This is an introduction to the extraordinary religion of the ancient Egyptian civilization and the beliefs that shaped their everyday life. It is an authoritative text by a leading Egyptologist is complemented by beautiful maps, drawings, illustrations and photographs of places and objects. It includes an account of Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife, the Book of the Dead and ceremonies such as mummification and the Weighing of the Heart. The widespread practices of magic, ritual and rites of passage are clearly explained. It includes a study of burial sites such as tombs, pyramids and ben-ben and other sacred stones. It describes temple rites and offerings, the power of the high priests, and the role of women in religion. Religious belief was central to life in ancient Egypt and played a fundamental role in the development of their great society. In the first half of this book, the state religion is considered, with an examination of the preparation for the afterlife, including the procedures and ceremonies that followed death. The second half of the book considers the effects of popular religion on daily activities and social history. The religion of the people of the River Nile is documented here with maps and a wealth of over 200 beautiful photographs, reproductions and artworks, making this book an essential reference for anyone interested in this ancient civilization.

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